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“A third party client to interact with the website HabitRPG. HabitRPG is a habit building program which treats your life like an RPG. You can earn money, experience and levels. You can also buy rewards from your money earn, and might lose life points as you fail.”

For more information on HabitRPG, check out my review.

I opted to use this third-party client due to problems logging in with the native app. I signed up for HabitRPG with Facebook and the native app does not currently support Facebook login. Because of this, you have to input a complex string of numbers and letters that act as your user id, and I never could get this to work properly. The actual app may work just fine, but I haven’t been able to test it.


The default screen is very simple: it shows your character, HP, experience, and habits. If you swipe left, you can look at your dailies and to-dos. You can also see rewards and your amount of gold, but you can only purchase rewards you have created, not equipment. Swiping right, you can see your tags.

HabitRPG - Dailies    Habits


The app is ad-supported, so there is a small banner displayed above your HP bar. On my large Galaxy Note 3, I found this unobtrusive, but it may be an annoyance for users with a much smaller phone.


The app’s page lists the features as

* Add, edit, delete as much task as you like
* Register/Connect to HabitRPG.com
* Use an awesome widget to see how your character’s doing
* Connect using the website QRCode
* See your life and experience evolve
* (Premium) Select and see your tags
* (Premium) See your avatar as on the website

This app doesn’t contain most of the functionality found on the HabitRPG website (pets, guilds, challenges, etc.), but it has been good enough for my purposes. On the go, I only care about being able to access my current tasks and add new ones, so this app serves that purpose well.

The feature list (above) claims that the widget is not a premium feature; however, when I place it on my home screen, I am given a message stating that I need to upgrade. This is not a deal-breaker for me, but if you are looking for a widget, this won’t be the app for you.

Similar Apps

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Bottom Line

HabitRPG Android Client is a simplistic app, which lacks many of the features on the HabitRPG website. However, what it does, it does well. If all you need is a way to see your tasks on the go, this will serve its purpose nicely.



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