InoReader is a Fast, Powerful Google Reader Replacement


“Keep track of your favorite sites. Anytime. Anywhere.”

InoReader was designed over the summer when Google Reader was shutting down (R.I.P. Google Reader). It kept the customization, speed and keyboard shortcuts of Google Reader in mind, while adding in many new features of its own.


Signing up is an easy process; you can use your email address, Facebook or Google account. Afterwards, importing feeds is fast and easy. With a little over a hundred feeds of my own, it only took a minute or two to get set up.



Clutter free and the menu is easy to access.

InoReader is certainly not identical to Google Reader, but will feel familiar to frequent RSS users, especially people who are missing Google Reader. The site manages to cram in an exhaustive amount of powerful features, yet doesn’t feel a bit cluttered. You can easily switch between feeds, sort feeds and scroll without ever feeling like the interface gets in your way. Browsing is very easy, because you can just scroll through your list, and articles will automatically be marked as read. However, if you do not want articles to be automatically marked, you can disable this feature.


InoReader really does have an endless list of features. While using the site, it is hard not to discover something new. These include social features, sharing, trending, history searching, easy subscribing, discover new sites, keyboard shortcuts, feed sorting, and favorites. Power users may be most interested the ability to create rules and tag subscriptions. You can also scan to see which sites are no longer active and unsubscribe.


Keyboard shortcuts make browsing easy

Subscribing to Sites

There are several ways you can subscribe to sites. The easiest is by using the bookmarklet. If you find a site you’re interested in, all you have to do is press subscribe. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t want to add another bookmark to your toolbar, you can copy the link, go to InoReader and click add subscription.

If you don’t have a particular site in mind, you can browse trending articles and see what other people are reading. I have found this useful for discovering new sites. Another useful feature is the catalog. Clicking on it reveals several categories, each featuring several sites.


Sharing and Social

InoReader has both internal and external sharing features. Most users will be interested in the great amount of sites you can share to. These include the obvious, including Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email, Tumblr, Reddit and several others. I particularly like how easy it is to email articles. Rather than opening up in a new window, there is a popup and within seconds the email is sent.


Internal sharing consists of three features: comments, broadcast, and like. From the article view, you can click comment to post your thoughts about the article. These are only available to other InoReader users and are different from the site’s comments. If you choose to like or broadcast a post, it will show up on your channel. Channels are similar to profiles, but they only show articles you have shared. You can follow other users, but you must know their username. This is one of the site’s only downfalls. I wish I could easily find users to follow. I want to be able to input my interests and find users with similar interests, so I can see what they are reading. If improved, this feature has plenty of potential. On the positive side, these social features are not obtrusive and can easily be turned off if you choose.



Rules work similar to labels in Gmail. You can set which feeds or folders it applies to, a matching term, and an action. For example, you can choose a Tech folder, articles with android in the title, and apply the tag android.


I would expect the extensive features to cause a decline in speed, but this is absolutely not the case. I have yet to find an RSS reader as fast as this one. With just under 10,000 unread articles, I have yet to experience any compromise in speed.

Similar Apps

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Bottom Line

InoReader is simple and easy to use for casual readers, with incredible speed and features for power-users.

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Disclaimer: I do have the paid tier, but all features I have covered are available for free. Paid tiers are 2.99 or 4.99 per month.

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