Listable: An App That Keeps Track of Things to Buy, Watch and Read


“Listable is a super-simple way to remember things in your personal life. It’s your ‘want to-do’ list.”

How many post-its and random notebooks do you have with quotes or songs you like written down? If you’re like me, you’ve probably lost track of how many and where they are. What good is it to write all of these down, only to never see them again? Listable solves this problem by giving you a place to store the things you want to remember for later.


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For the most part, I really enjoy the design of Listable. It is fairly minimal and stays out of your way as you use the app. The fonts are a good size and readable. Simple gestures make navigation easy with the help of a brief tutorial windows upon opening the app for the first time.

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My only complaint is the design of the icon. It is a bit too neon for my taste. It fits in with the app, but the bright colors in the app are broken up by the white and gradients, so they don’t feel as harsh.


Listable doesn’t try to have too many features. It wants to do one thing really well: help you remember things you want to do/buy later.

On the home screen, you can see a list with all of your items, with an icon representing their category. This makes items easy to look for. On this same screen, you can add a new item by typing or speaking. It won’t be categorized, so you will have to go back and do that later. This would only be good if you are in a hurry.

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Switching between categories is quick with just a swipe to the right. You can see and edit the list from this view. Deleting and adding new lists is very easy. There are quite a few icons to choose from including games and sports if the default list doesn’t contain everything you need.

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Clicking on a category will show you only items from that list. You can then add items to that category with ease. After adding a new item, you can also add notes to it. For example, you could add the name of a band in the music category. Then you can list some of their songs.

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Listable is very fast and secure. It requires no permissions to install. The only frustration I had was the lack of search. Currently, you have to scroll through your list to find what you want. Over time, your list may grow and scrolling will be inconvenient. Otherwise, the app runs wonderfully.

Bottom Line

While Listable does not boast a large set of features,  it’s visual nature will help you store the things you want, without getting mixed in with the mundane things you need to remember.

Download Listable : Remember anything

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