Universal Translator Provides Translation of Over 50 Languages


“Translate words and entire sentences into more than 50 languages with Universal Translator, right from the desktop of your Mac.”

When you’re writing or translating a document in another language, or perhaps doing your French homework, it can be a distraction to have to open your browser, navigate to Google Translate, and then get the translation. And that’s if you’re unlike me who would forget that I’m opening my browser to translate something and end up browsing my RSS feeds or Reddit. Universal Translator solves this problem by giving you access to Google Translate in a minimal Mac app with no distractions.




The design is simple and fits in well on a Mac. The blue bar feels slightly out of place, but isn’t too distracting. On the left, there are two icons: translate and dictionary. The font for these features is very readable and I like that in a language like Japanese (above) it separates out the phonetic pronunciation in a clear way.


Universal Translator is not feature packed. It focuses on giving you a simple way to translate sentences or phrases. Because the translation is provided by Google Translate, it is just as accurate and fast. I tested sentences in Japanese, Italian and German and ran into no problems. This makes it a good replacement for the Google Translate website.

Universal Translate also boasts a built-in dictionary. There are several options for looking words up. You can use an English-English dictionary and English to another language. Each language also has its own dictionary and can be translated back into English. You cannot, however, use something like a Japanese-German dictionary. For that you would need to use the translate feature.

This built in dictionary is its downfall. The English-English works, but the rest appear to be nonexistent. I tried typing in several foreign words (Spanish, German, and Japanese) but was given a message stating that it cannot find the word. Thinking I spelled them incorrectly I checked in the translation section, but they translated perfectly. The dictionary feature just does not work, which is unfortunate.


Bottom Line

Universal Translator is convenient as a translator app on the Mac, but if you are looking for a dictionary, you will have to check elsewhere.

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