Fotor is a feature-filled iOS app that lets you take, edit and share photos


“Let your inner artist run free, create beautiful photos and share your vision with the world. Now with the all new Fotor 4.0, you can enjoy an enhanced, faster user interface that’s amazingly easy to use while still providing new and exciting options to make your images even more incredible.”

Fotor Photo Editor is a cross-platform app that will help you edit and share your photos. This review covers the iPhone app, which has been redesigned for iOS 7.



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Fotor feels right at home on iOS and follows all of the design standards of iOS 7. The app opens to its home screen, which gives access to edit mode, camera, photo box, and collage and settings. Each mode is easy to navigate between and it feels very cohesive and accessing the options in them feels very intuitive and cohesive. There are in-app purchases available, but these are made very clear, in a good way. They don’t appear as spammy like some apps, nor are they very distracting.


Fotor is loaded with features. You can take photos, edit, and share all from the app without needing to look elsewhere.


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Fotor’s camera mode looks very similar to the built-in iOS camera. It features on screen zoom adjustment and several other settings by clicking the gear icon. This will let you take pictures using square, burst, timer and stabilizer modes. The only thing missing from the native camera was the panorama mode.


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In case you would like to edit photos you have taken outside of Fotor, you can use the Photobox feature. This allows you to select photos to appear in Fotor’s gallery.


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Edit mode is where Fotor’s features really shine. You are given a multitude of options to edit your photos, which range from subtle to drastic. By clicking Enhance, Fotor will automatically enhance your image. This can be tweaked by selecting low, medium or high. I preferred this to over only having a one-click auto-adjust.

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The next button at the bottom lets you choose a scene for your photo, but these require an in-app purchase. You can select the options to see how they look without paying though.

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If you are a heavy Instagram user, FX Effects will feel right at home to you. While similar to Instagram’s filters, I preferred these because many of the appear more natural rather than looking over-edited. Fotor gives you the option of several filters, with the ability to pay for more. They are divided into categories so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Adjust lets you make edits based on brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpen, vignette, temperature and tint. You should be able to find any tool you need here to enhance your image. Crop allows you to crop manually or select a predefined ratio.


Tilt-Shift allows you to adjust the depth of field based on the f-stop, so you can choose to make the background appear out of focus and draw attention to the foreground.

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Other editing features include adding text, rotate, and borders.


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After editing photos, you can return to the home screen to create a collage. This allows you to choose up to nine pictures with several options of layouts. Once you have chosen your images, you can adjust how they are cropped, change the border size, roundness and color.


Fotor is very smooth and taking photos is just as fast as the native camera app. My only annoyance while using the app was the request to purchase scenes each time I saved a photo. I didn’t mind the in-app purchase present in the edit mode because they were easily visible but not distracting; however, the pop-up quickly became frustrating.

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There are several settings that let you tweak the app to your liking. I particular enjoy that you can choose to start Fotor at either the home screen or the camera. This is great because some users may use Fotor more for the camera, while others may want to just skip ahead to editing.

You can also adjust share and processing quality. These are separate options that allow you to choose whether you would like to save and share larger or smaller versions of the files. Users without much space on their phone will likely be very grateful for this option.

Bottom Line

Fotor is a feature filled app for all types of users. It has many options for taking, editing and sharing photos without making you feel like you have to pay for the additional editing modes.

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