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Here on Free App Maven, I try to find the best free apps, so you don’t need to shell out cash (or plastic) to find the tools you need. However, sometimes there comes a paid app that you might be dying to have. For me, I often add those to my wish list in the app store and wait until I have the money. On Android my process has changed with Google Rewards.

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Google Rewards is an app that asks you to fill out surveys and rewards you for them. The surveys only take about thirty seconds (at most) to complete, so no time is really lost. You don’t even have to check the app for updates, because you can opt-in to receive a notification whenever there is a new survey available. The surveys and rewards range in topic, but usually they are worth 25-50 cents each. I’ve had the app for about three weeks and have probably received a total of $6-8. It is certainly worth the few seconds of my time. I absolutely recommend downloading Google Rewards if you are looking for a way to get paid apps for free.

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