Phlo Lets You Search Any Site From Your Desktop


“”Type once, search everywhere.”

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Phlo is a search box on your Mac’s desktop. It has been recently updated and is now free. It comes with the ability to search over 30 popular sites.


Phlo’s interface is simple and user-friendly. I would have liked customization options, but they certainly aren’t needed. Upon installation, you can activate Phlo with the default keyboard shortcut or by clicking the menubar icon. It is very fast.


I was impressed by the amount of sites included and the ease of adding any extras. Searching a site is very easy. You just type in the box, then tab over to select the search engine.

I can’t say I would use Phlo every day. I do most of my searching using Google, which is available from the omnibar in Chrome. It’s no faster to open Phlo and type in my search than it is to open my browser and do the same. However, where Phlo is really useful is if I would like to search any of the other sites. I would have to open my broswer, navigate to the site, and then search. Whereas, with Phlo I get to skip a step. I really appreciated it for sites like Gmail and Youtube that I use frequently.

Bottom Line

You might not use Phlo for every search, but it a nice app to have around if you find yourself searching several different sites.

Phlo also has the ability to sync with its iPhone app counterpart for $1.99, but I have not tested this feature.

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