Mou is a Mac Markdown Editor for Web Developers


Mou is called “The missing Markdown editor for web developers.”


I wouldn’t call myself a web developer, but I do enjoy writing in Markdown and always love a good lightweight program. Mou is just that.


The interface is fairly simplistic. You can choose to write with just the editor panel open or both the editor and preview panel. The word count can also be shown. Several themes are included. They can be edited and you can add easily add new themes. These all support adequate syntax highlighting.

Markdown Features


Back when I first downloaded Mou, a few months ago, I wasn’t very familiar with Markdown. I understood the idea behind it, but wasn’t sure how to write it. Mou helps with this. In the menus, each style is listed. You can also stick to the shortcuts you are probably already familiar with (CMD-B for **bold**, CMD-I for *italics*). By using keyboard shortcuts Mou inserts asterics for markdown, but also supports __underscores__.

My favorite feature is that I can easily copy the Markdown to HTML and paste into WordPress. No need to export, the text just copies to your clipboard. It is ridiculously convenient.

Bottom Line

Mou is a lightweight markdown editor that gets out of your way, so you can write.

Download Mou for Mac

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