Buffer Updated for iOS 7

While Android users were busy today with the Mailbox release, iOS users had their own app to get excited about. Buffer just received a much needed facelift for iOS 7. The app is a refreshing change with several new features:

  • – Added content suggestions & contributions
  • – Updated schedule editor
  • – Invite team members from iPhone
  • – Re-buffer available from analytics view


The new compose screen is now very similar to that of the web app. You are given options to compose a new message or choose from the suggestions. Unfortunately, both the website and app do not off specialized suggestions. They feel useless when they are not a topic I specialize in. I wish I had the option to choose from a selection of topics.

That aside, Buffer now looks like it belongs in iOS 7 and no longer feels dated. You can easily compose messages or view analytics for previous messages. Editing your posting schedule is also a breeze.

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