Klout rebrands itself with iOS 7 update

Most people only think of Klout when referring to their Klout score. For those not familiar, it is a service that gives you a score based on how influential you are at using social media. While this was how the company made a name for themselves, Klout is now trying to rebrand itself into a social media scheduling tool.


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In the iOS app, you can now create your own updates or choose articles from your selected topics to share. You can also edit your favorite topics from within the app. There are an enormous number of topics, so whatever your speciality is, you will likely find it.

After creating content, you can view what you have scheduled. This is where Klout is trying to expand its capabilities. In doing so, it has become a great competitor to Buffer. One of my complaints about Buffer was that you cannot personalize recommended content, and this is really where Klout shines now.

Unfortunately, Klout is widely associated with being for your Klout score, and this is no longer a large part of the app. You can view your score, but you can no longer see your history. I wish they had expanded it, so you can see more data, rather than less. Ideally, Klout should use its strengths and add to them. Instead they merely replaced their previous strength with a new one.

Bottom Line

Klout for iOS 7 is no longer about your score, but excels in helping you find unique content to schedule and share.

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Note: Android app coming soon.

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