Get Off My Egg is a simple, time-wasting game

Get Off My Egg is a simple game by Big Fire Games. It is available for Android on the Play Store.

This is a straightforward game that can be played for a long or short period of time.The instructions are simple: you must protect your egg from the cartoon hands that will try to break it. To do this you must slap them away for as long as you can.


The game tracks how long you were able to protect the egg, and if you do well enough your score will appear on the leaderboard. The actual mechanics of the game work very well. It is simple to learn and you could easily waste some time playing it.

You can use Facebook to log in to Get Off My Egg, but it is not a requirement. So for all of you who do not use Facebook, you can still play the game. This is a definitely a plus for me.

The only problems for me were graphics related. I wasn’t a huge fan of the cartoon look, but it could work for this style of game. My gripe is with the plaid background; it is an eyesore. If they wanted it to look like a table, a wood texture would be a much better choice. The second, and more problematic, graphics issue was with the scale of it on my Galaxy Note 3. Part of the opening screen was actually cut off on my phone. The actual gameplay appeared fine, but I was initially turned off by the words being cut off when I opened it for the first time.

Bottom Line

The game works well and you could certainly waste a few minutes standing in line playing it, but it could use help in the graphics department.

Download on the Play Store


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