Quick Look: ColorUtility is a necessity for designers

ColorUtility is a lightweight utility by Xylem Studios for Windows. It doesn’t have many functions, but what it has it does well.

The main function of ColorUtility is the eyedropper that you can use to select any spot on your screen and get the hex code for the color. It’s simple and works flawlessly. If you are a designer of any kind, you need this app, if just for this one purpose.


Other cool things ColorUtility can do is generate a random color and convert the selected color to something websafe. It can also convert the color to grayscale, negative, intensified, sepia, brighter, darker, red only, blue only, and green only.
Finally, you can also scan for a list of all colors present in an image by loading a file saved on your computer.

Bottom Line

ColorUtility packs several useful functions into a very fast and lightweight app. This free utility is indispensable for designers.

Download ColorUtility

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