Track Mac App Price Drops with App Deal Whale

As much as I love finding free apps, I have to admit that plenty of paid apps are worth the price. However, this doesn’t mean I can always afford them. On Android I use Google Play Rewards to get paid apps for free. On my Mac, I use something called App Deal Whale.


This menu bar app notifies you as soon as there is a price change for apps in the Mac App Store. It doesn’t list only free apps. Some of them may be 50% or 30% price drops. You have to sift through those to find the ones that have dropped to free, but it is worth it. When you find something that looks interesting, you just click the link to find it in the Mac App Store.

The other main feature is the Watchlist. If you sign up with Appstream (a free site for finding apps), you can keep track of apps you want but are waiting for the price to drop. The Watchlist tab will then list only the apps you want to keep track of rather than the App Deals tab which lists every app for you to sort through.

Bottom Line

App Deal Whale is a useful and well-designed app to help you find price drops in the Mac App Store.

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