Yahoo! Mail Updated for Android

About a month ago, Yahoo updated mail for iOS. Now, the same redesign is available on Android. It features several changes, but the most noticeable is the look and feel. It mirrors the design of Yahoo Mail in your browser and you can choose similar themes to match.

Mail_Android_Samsung_4S_Inbox_View       Screenshots_2014-05-20-18-13-42

There are also several updated features. The app now behaves similar to Gmail by grouping emails by conversation. Because I’m used to Gmail, I found this a welcome change. The compose screen is simple but you can format your messages as you see fit and it works smoothly. You can also swipe between messages instead of returning to your list.

Yahoo also claims to have added a button in the top right to easily switch between Mail, Flickr, Yahoo Today, News, Weather and other Yahoo apps. I was unable to locate this feature. Although, you can access links to their other apps from the left-hand menu. This is convenient if you are invested in the Yahoo ecosystem. You would only need to open the mail app to also check the weather and news. The Yahoo Today is not on the Play Store as of yet, but, according to Yahoo, it should available any day now.

They are clearly trying to create consistency between their apps. Switching between I can see that they are achieving this goal; however, I’m not sure how relevant it is to Android users that are already likely invested in using all of the similar Google apps. If you are a fan of Yahoo, you should be pleased with the updates and upcoming apps.

Update: The updated app now has icons in the upper right corner with easy access to Yahoo Today and News. Yahoo Today looks to be Yahoo’s attempt to create something like Google Now. It provides snippets in a card layout with the weather, evening news, sports, videos, etc. Unlike Google Now, you are unable to swipe away the topics that don’t interest you.


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