Astro Sends Facebook Messages From Your Mac’s Desktop

How often do you open Facebook only planning to message your friends or family but end up get sucked in to the endless newsfeed? Probably all too often. Sure, you could message from your phone, but what if you just want to stick to using your computer? This is where Astro comes in. It is a free mac app used to send and receive Facebook messages.


Astro has a clean design and even fits in with OS X 10.10 Yosemite’s scheme but still looks unique. It has the translucent background that you will see in the default Yosemite apps, but the Facebook blue colors sets the app apart from the defaults. Even though it stands out, the overall design still blends in perfectly with other Mac apps. They did a fantastic job of creating something both refined, unique, and customizable.

Themes & Fonts

In case you are not a fan of the blue look, the developers have included gray, black and red themes. The gray is the same appearance that you find in all mac apps, while the red and black give a much more bold feel.

In addition to the themes, you can also change the font and chat bubble styles. There are several preincluded chat bubble themes, while you can choose any system font style and size.

Chat Window

The actual chat window is fairly simple. The left side lists the conversations, the middle shows the selcted chat, and the right side allows you to show or hide your friends list.


The free version includes just about everything you might want in your Facebook chat needs.

  • Drag and drop file attachments
  • Group chats
  • Archive option
  • Mark as spam
  • Access to inbox, achive, other and spam
  • Stickers (Paid feature)
  • Screenshot shortcut (Paid feature)

All of these work as advertised. I have had very minor issues with the the app crashing, but it hasn’t hindered my usage. Additionally, unlike dedicated IM apps such as the defualt Messages app or Adium, Astro shows all of your previous conversations upon opening it. One of the reasons I don’t use the Mac Messages app for Facebook is that it only shows the conversations started from within the app. You can’t see any conversation started on the Facebook website or from the Facebook app. Fortunately, Astro shows all of your past conversations so you will always be up to date.

Additionally, the developers have an active beta program with new updates regularly. They are constantly refining the features and design. and these updates quickly find their way into the Mac App Store version.

Bottom Line

Astro puts Facebook chat on your desktop and allows you to continue all of your individual and group chats. It is a well-designed and frequently updated app.

Download from the Mac App Store

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