The Evernote Widget is the Best Thing to Happen to iOS Yet

Many improvements have been added to iOS 8, but probably none more useful than widgets. For a long time, they were something many users wished for, while others worried they would clutter their screen. Fortunately, these widgets reside in the notification shade.


So far, the most useful widget has been Evernote. Since I use Evernote to store pretty much everything the moment it comes to mind, easy access is oh so important. Adding notes or photos in iOS 8 couldn’t be easier. By clicking the new note button in the widget, Evernote opens, ready for you to begin typing. Taking photos of post-it, documents, or the new gadget you want to buy is also just a click away. In addition to the widget, the latest version also added Evernote to the share menu, making it easier than ever to clip content from the web on your iPhone or iPad.

While Evernote isn’t the only great new widget, it is the one that has helped me the most. What iOS 8 widget have you found most useful?

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