GasBuddy Finds You the Closest, Cheapest Gas Station

It’s no question that gas is expensive and everyone wants to find the cheapest place to fill their tank. You could keep a mental list of the lowest prices, ask your friends, or drive around to find the gas station with the best bargain. Or you could save time and use GasBuddy.


Of the many apps installed on my phone, this is by far one of the most useful ones I’ve come across. When you open the GasBuddy, you can either find gas near you or search in a specific location. After searching, a list shows you the nearest gas station, but you can sort by price as well. The list can also be displayed on a map. Lastly, results can be shown for all gas types: regular, midgrade, premium, and diesel. Consumers and truck drivers alike will find the app useful. 


While the iPhone and Android apps are fairly simple, the website has some extra features inlcuding a trip calculator and data showing gas price changes over time.


Download GasBuddy and start saving today.

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