6 Types of Apps I Want to See in 2015

2014 brought about a lot of great changes: Android Lollipop, iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, and the public beta of Windows 10. Hopefully we will see each system used to its full advantage in 2015. With the many new features available to developers within those systems, we should say many creative apps pop up. Here is what I hope to see in 2015.

  1. Creative Uses of Widgets in iOS 8

    Many developers had great ideas for widgets when iOS 8 was released. Unfortuntately, Apple wasn’t clear about the guidelines for use of the notification center and the developers were forced to remove the unique features. So, my hope for 2015 is that Apple will clear up (and loosen) their policies for widgets. I understand they are trying to protect the user, at least they claim, but at some point they need to give users what they want. People loved being able to add calculators and app shortcuts to the notfication center. Just because it wasn’t Apple’s intention, doesn’t mean they should remove the capability. If they choose to listen to their customers, I’m confident we will see many exciting apps released in 2015.

  2. Improved Pushbullet Capability for iOS

    One of my favorite apps on Android is Pushbullet. It allows you to see all notifications in your browser and to dismiss them. It allows me to work without always checking my phone for useless alerts. Pushbullet already exists for iOS, but the capability is very limited. I’d like to see it become comparable or another app be created with similar features.

  3. Apps Taking Advantage of Heads Up Notifications in Android Lollipop

    I hate opening my notifications only to see several things I’ve forgotten about. I love the way Lollipop now lets you interact with notifications immediately, without interrupting your current task. I’m excited to see how developers will take advantage of this API.

  4. Camera Apps With Better Features and RAW Support in Android Lollipop

    Another great feature Lollipop added was support for RAW photos. Any photography lover will be the first to tell you what a big deal that is, especially as we continue taking more photos with smartphones and less with dedicated cameras. RAW is the first step forward, but I also want to see apps with better manual support. Some already claim to have manual settings, but they still feel limited compared to even some point and shoots cameras. I want to feel more in control of the camera.

  5. Modern Windows Apps that Fit In Better on the Desktop

    Everyone using Windows 8 has probably complained at some point about the disconnect between the Modern UI and the Windows Desktop. Windows 10 is trying to bridge the gap by putting the old style start button back, but keeping some of the live tile features of Windows 8. Modern apps will also be able to run windowed on the desktop. With those capabilities, I hope the modern apps will blend in more with the desktop interface. Currently, their UI stands out much and feels too tablet-like. I want there to be more harmony in the interface.

  6. Better Use of Share Menu in Yosemite (and iOS 8)

    Yosemite and iOS 8 brought about a better share function that developers can take advantage of. Because we rely on many different apps for specific functions, it is imperative that we can share information easily between them. So, all I ask is that more developers begin added sharing capabilites to their apps.


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