Themeboard is a good-looking keyboard for iOS 8

There’s long been an argument over form vs. function, but I think we can all agree that the best apps succeed at both. Themeboard is unfortunately not one of those. Described as “The first ever iOS destination for world’s best theme designers and themes,” Themeboard enlists designers to continuously create new keyboard themes for the app.

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You install Themeboard like any other third-party keyboard, by going to Settings>General>Keyboard and adding it as new. After giving it permission, you can open the app and see the theme options. There are plenty of beautifully-designed choices and in the week that I’ve been using the app, several more have already been added. The designs fit in with iOS well, while also giving your keyboard a unique feel.

Sadly, most of the work seems to have been spent on design. This is one of the few iOS 8 keyboards, of which there are many, that I had to force myself to keep using. The design will only get you so far. The nice look didn’t prevent my many typos. The keyboard is setup much like the default iOS keyboard with predictive text, but the predictions aren’t personalized and in the past week, it hasn’t still hasn’t learned the way I type. Many simple errors that should be corrected are overlooked by the app.

There are now too many great iOS 8 apps for a sub-par one to thrive. I was excited about the well-designed themes that are included, but if Themeboard wishes to succeed, there needs to be more focus on its function and a little less on form.

If you still wish to give Themeboard a try, you can find it on the App Store.

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