Scribe Lets You Copy Text From Your Mac to iPhone Over Bluetooth

Even if you do most of your browsing on a computer, you’ll find that sometimes you need to share data with your phone. It could be a website, a section of text, or a phone number. Scribe helps you quickly send text from your Mac to iPhone using bluetooth.

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After installing both the Mac and iOS app, you can copy a section of text and press CMD-SHIFT-X on your Mac to send it to the iPhone. Both run in the background, so you don’t need to have them open. You’ll receive a notification on your phone when the data is sent. You can choose for URLs to automatically open in Safari or for phone numbers to automatically be dialed. Otherwise, you can tell Scribe to just copy the text for you to view in the app and deal with later.

The app itself looks very minimal. It allows you to view any information that has been copied. Depending on the type of information, Scribe gives you options for interacting with it, like the ones listed above (call, open in Safari, and any option in the native iOS share menu). You can see the options of each item by swiping over it. The only downside to Scribe is that the app has not been updated for the iPhone 6/Plus yet, so it looks a little blown up on the large screens.

Scribe is a useful app that makes sending information from your Mac to iPhone quick and easy. It is especially useful for longer snippets of text that would be tedious to type out on a touchscreen keyboard.

Download on the Mac App Store

Download on the App Store

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