profilephotoHi, I’m Shaila Meeker. Welcome to Free App Maven!

I’m a recent graduate from the English major/Computer Science minor programs at Ohio University. I love technology and obsess over trying the latest apps– seriously, it is an obsession. I also enjoy writing, so it was only inevitable for me to combine the two.

Often when I read reviews, I get supremely excited to try the shiny new app that is being described, only to find that it is far out of my college student budget. Add up the cost of several of these apps in a week’s time and I could pay my rent for the same amount. With this in mind, I’ve decided to only review free and ad-supported apps. That way, you lovely readers can find awesome new software without spending even the cost of coffee. I’ll be reviewing Android, iOS, Web, Windows and Mac apps, so there will be something for everyone.