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Scribe Lets You Copy Text From Your Mac to iPhone Over Bluetooth

Even if you do most of your browsing on a computer, you’ll find that sometimes you need to share data with your phone. It could be a website, a section of text, or a phone number. Scribe helps you quickly send text from your Mac to iPhone using bluetooth.

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Themeboard is a good-looking keyboard for iOS 8

There’s long been an argument over form vs. function, but I think we can all agree that the best apps succeed at both. Themeboard is unfortunately not one of those. Described as “The first ever iOS destination for world’s best theme designers and themes,” Themeboard enlists designers to continuously create new keyboard themes for the app.

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Unsubscriber for Gmail Puts You in Control of Email Again

How many emails do you get on a daily basis? If you’re anything like me, you don’t even want to look at that number. Now think about how many of those are newsletters you forgot you signed up for? Unless you manually unsubscribe from each list in Gmail, you may feel a little helpless. Well, feel helpless no more: Welcome Unsubscriber for Gmail.


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GasBuddy Finds You the Closest, Cheapest Gas Station

It’s no question that gas is expensive and everyone wants to find the cheapest place to fill their tank. You could keep a mental list of the lowest prices, ask your friends, or drive around to find the gas station with the best bargain. Or you could save time and use GasBuddy.


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The Evernote Widget is the Best Thing to Happen to iOS Yet

Many improvements have been added to iOS 8, but probably none more useful than widgets. For a long time, they were something many users wished for, while others worried they would clutter their screen. Fortunately, these widgets reside in the notification shade.


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SwiftKey Drastically Improves Typing in iOS 8

If you have ever used Android, you are likely very familiar with SwiftKey’s keyboard. For those unfamiliar, it is a predictive text keyboard that learns how you write and what you type most often. And it does so very quickly. After using it for some time, it can even correctly guess full sentences with only the first letter of the first word. Impressive, to say the least. As you can tell, I quite enjoy SwiftKey, so I was delighted to hear about its release for iOS 8.

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Flickr Update Mimics Instagram on iOS and Android

Flickr users already taking advantage of the free terabyte of storage, are in for another treat. Flickr has just released an entire revamp of their iOS and Android apps. The interface feels reminiscent of Instagram, but still retains its own unique feel. It makes browsing and adding photos an easy task. Swiping between each view feels snappy, adding photos is easy and there are plenty of filters to choose from. Here is the full list of new features:

– Capture everything: Take stunning photos and videos. We make it easy.
– Save it all: All your pictures in one place. Take them everywhere.
– Advanced editing: Gorgeous filters. Powerful editing tools. All for free.

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Klout rebrands itself with iOS 7 update

Most people only think of Klout when referring to their Klout score. For those not familiar, it is a service that gives you a score based on how influential you are at using social media. While this was how the company made a name for themselves, Klout is now trying to rebrand itself into a social media scheduling tool.


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In the iOS app, you can now create your own updates or choose articles from your selected topics to share. You can also edit your favorite topics from within the app. There are an enormous number of topics, so whatever your speciality is, you will likely find it.

After creating content, you can view what you have scheduled. This is where Klout is trying to expand its capabilities. In doing so, it has become a great competitor to Buffer. One of my complaints about Buffer was that you cannot personalize recommended content, and this is really where Klout shines now.

Unfortunately, Klout is widely associated with being for your Klout score, and this is no longer a large part of the app. You can view your score, but you can no longer see your history. I wish they had expanded it, so you can see more data, rather than less. Ideally, Klout should use its strengths and add to them. Instead they merely replaced their previous strength with a new one.

Bottom Line

Klout for iOS 7 is no longer about your score, but excels in helping you find unique content to schedule and share.

Download Klout

Note: Android app coming soon.

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Buffer Updated for iOS 7

While Android users were busy today with the Mailbox release, iOS users had their own app to get excited about. Buffer just received a much needed facelift for iOS 7. The app is a refreshing change with several new features:

  • – Added content suggestions & contributions
  • – Updated schedule editor
  • – Invite team members from iPhone
  • – Re-buffer available from analytics view


The new compose screen is now very similar to that of the web app. You are given options to compose a new message or choose from the suggestions. Unfortunately, both the website and app do not off specialized suggestions. They feel useless when they are not a topic I specialize in. I wish I had the option to choose from a selection of topics.

That aside, Buffer now looks like it belongs in iOS 7 and no longer feels dated. You can easily compose messages or view analytics for previous messages. Editing your posting schedule is also a breeze.

Download Buffer

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Guest Post: Tanner Reviews Pocket Starships

Editors Note: This post comes from Tanner Bivens of He reviews movies and games on his site. He also hosts The Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth every week.


Good day everyone. I’m not sure if you have noticed from the title or not, but I am not in fact Free App Maven writer Shaila Meeker. In fact, our dear Shaila has taken a trip to Florida with her fiance Brandon and will be gone this week, effectively leaving me in Ohio hell as she enjoys Disney World. I will try to contain my levels of jealousy to mere quiet resentment. But while she is enjoying the nice weather and fun rides, she asked me if I could guest write on her site while she is away, to which I was more than happy to do. For those of you who have not visited my site, I am a film critic and a video game enthusiast. If you do not know of my site you should go and visit it. It is an awesome site! I should know, it is mine after all.

But when Shaila asked me to write a review for her site, I was at first a little out of sorts. I do not use apps very frequently… Or at least not nearly enough as she does. So after given the assignment, I rushed to my phone to go through several apps to see what would be a good one to review and after several possibles, I decided to choose a free game for the iPhone 4s called Pocket Starships. It certainly was an interesting game to say the least. A kind of cream of the crop out of a plethora of boring games and money gauging apps. So I downloaded it and decided to give it a go. After playing it for a bit, I have to say for an iPhone game… Not that bad. I was expecting much much worse when I downloaded it, but instead I found myself pleasantly surprised.

There isn’t a lot in the way of plot when it comes to Pocket Starship.  Well okay, there is a little bit of one, but it is one that can quickly be brushed aside as you button mash the text crawl away. Essentially, when you first boot up the game you are given the choice to join one of two factions, the Shard or the Varins. One second in and already you are given a choice that will change your experience forever!… Well not really, I gave both games a go by downloading, uninstalling, and trying again (I’m sure there was an easier way don’t judge me) and both are for the most part the same. After a quick tutorial you are thrust into this new world where you must complete quests for your given alliance all the while battling your arch nemesis faction in various locations marked by a hexagonal map, some owned by one faction, some by the other, and a little area where players can congregate and blow each other to pieces.


Avoids Buy to Win Tactics that These Games Have Become Known Formzl.fcevlskr.175x175-75

When I was first asked to write a game app review, I was groaning. Most app games are notorious for micro-transactions and ‘buy to win’ content. I was expecting to download a ‘free’ game and then immediately be told to shell out a dollar or fifty cents in order to gain cool new weapons and a second level that would be physically impossible to complete unless you shell out said dollar or fifty cents… But no I was very surprised to see that when it comes to the overall game, the micro-transactions are practically invisible. You can play this game comfortably knowing that you will not hit a giant pay wall in between hunting down evil pirates and refining your ore to create new and better gadgets and considering this website is dedicated to free apps, this a huge plus to the game.

Surprisingly Expansive

For a free to play game app… This game is expansive. The playing area is set up in a grid like system, some owned by the Shard, some owned by the Varins, and then a small area where players can take on each other. Each one of course has a futuristic type of name as to be expected and you can travel from location to location and fight baddies with your group of friends who you are supposed to coerce into playing (we will get to that soon). I was not expecting a tiny app game on a phone to be as expansive as some PS3 games that I have had the misfortune of playing in the past. An excellent and surprising addition.


It’s an MMO

For anyone who follows my site, you will know how I feel about MMOs. Just watch my debate with my friend Jate Nott to understand my dislike of them. This is an MMOG and as such the main way the game gets more people to play is making most missions near impossible to complete on your own. The game even encourages you to create mission forces of multiple people to go on these missions so you don’t get completely annihilated. Now of course you can join complete strangers to compete in missions. But for the most part what the game is saying is, ‘Get your friends to play this game, MORE PEOPLE! MORE PEOPLE!’ I can understand the reason they did this which is why it doesn’t really fit into the ‘Con’ category. But it is something that should be noted if you wish to pick up this game, get a friend to join in or just go with Angry Birds.


downloadThe Game is Effectively Button Mashing or Busy Work

I don’t know what I was expecting from a game that I can play on my iPhone. But the majority of this game seems to be nothing but busy work. It is a go to location, aim your laser at the ship and wait until your or it blows up. Either that or mining and refining your ore to create new weapons and objects which both require little other than pushing the touch pad in a given direction until the thing disappears. When you are not doing either of those, you are in the space station button mashing a little bit more. It is a lot of busy work on top of busy work that can wear on a player quick.


Overall, this is one of the better app games that I have seen. The graphics are surprisingly good, the world is expansive, and you get to be the captain of your own damn starship! Granted my dislike for MMOGs is personal so I do not hold that against the game and the busy work game play is a small price to pay for a game that is a refreshing change of pace from play to win games and Angry Bird clones. If you are looking for a fun title to kill some time, download this one. You will not be disappointed.

Final Score 3.5/5

Thank you for reading fans of Free App Maven and if you would like to read more from me, please visit my website

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