Code Combat: Learn to Code by Playing a Game

This week is Computer Science Education Week, a time to spread the word to kids everywhere that computer science is a subject worth learning. encourages teachers to host an Hour of Code for  kids to learn the very basics of programming in one hour — no experience necessary. I am excited to be hosting several events at my local libraries. Here’s where the review comes in: for the event, you can choose from several different activities. I choose for the kids to use a game called Code Combat, which is what this post is all about. Here’s the catch: instead of getting to play the game, they help make it.

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The Evernote Widget is the Best Thing to Happen to iOS Yet

Many improvements have been added to iOS 8, but probably none more useful than widgets. For a long time, they were something many users wished for, while others worried they would clutter their screen. Fortunately, these widgets reside in the notification shade.


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SwiftKey Drastically Improves Typing in iOS 8

If you have ever used Android, you are likely very familiar with SwiftKey’s keyboard. For those unfamiliar, it is a predictive text keyboard that learns how you write and what you type most often. And it does so very quickly. After using it for some time, it can even correctly guess full sentences with only the first letter of the first word. Impressive, to say the least. As you can tell, I quite enjoy SwiftKey, so I was delighted to hear about its release for iOS 8.

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Astro Sends Facebook Messages From Your Mac’s Desktop

How often do you open Facebook only planning to message your friends or family but end up get sucked in to the endless newsfeed? Probably all too often. Sure, you could message from your phone, but what if you just want to stick to using your computer? This is where Astro comes in. It is a free mac app used to send and receive Facebook messages.

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View Recent Android App Updates with Changelog Droid

Hi all! I’m back, married and moved into a new place. Now, I’m ready to write a long overdue app review. While I was busy with those exciting experiences, I was thankful for one specific feature of the Google Play store: I didn’t have to manually update my apps. Instead, I just set it to automatic updates and my phone maintained itself. The only downside of this is that I don’t always know what bug fixes or new features my apps have received without clicking on each individual app’s update in the Play Store. One way of remedying this is with Changelog Droid.

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Make Windows 7 and 8 Look and Feel Like Windows XP

Last night I was feeling particularly nostalgic and I decided to try and make my Windows 8.1 computer look like Windows XP. It turns out this is a fairly simple, though somewhat lengthy process that uses free software. This process will also work on Windows 7.


If you want to do the same on your computer, follow these steps carefully:

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Yahoo! Mail Updated for Android

About a month ago, Yahoo updated mail for iOS. Now, the same redesign is available on Android. It features several changes, but the most noticeable is the look and feel. It mirrors the design of Yahoo Mail in your browser and you can choose similar themes to match.

Mail_Android_Samsung_4S_Inbox_View       Screenshots_2014-05-20-18-13-42

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Quick Look: ColorUtility is a necessity for designers

ColorUtility is a lightweight utility by Xylem Studios for Windows. It doesn’t have many functions, but what it has it does well.

The main function of ColorUtility is the eyedropper that you can use to select any spot on your screen and get the hex code for the color. It’s simple and works flawlessly. If you are a designer of any kind, you need this app, if just for this one purpose.

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Get Off My Egg is a simple, time-wasting game

Get Off My Egg is a simple game by Big Fire Games. It is available for Android on the Play Store.

This is a straightforward game that can be played for a long or short period of time.The instructions are simple: you must protect your egg from the cartoon hands that will try to break it. To do this you must slap them away for as long as you can.

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