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Play (Almost) Any Game in Borderless Windowed Mode

I love gaming. I also love browsing the internet. Sometimes I like to do those things at the same time. Many newer games have borderless windowed mode built in. If you don’t know what that is, it is a setting that allows you to put a game in full screen while treating it like a windowed program, which allows you to go between windows a lot smoother. Sometimes using ALT-TAB with a native full screen game can cause lag or, worse, leave the game unresponsive. If that is the case, using the internet (or any other program) at the same time as a game becomes very difficult.

Screenshot (1)

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6 Types of Apps I Want to See in 2015

2014 brought about a lot of great changes: Android Lollipop, iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, and the public beta of Windows 10. Hopefully we will see each system used to its full advantage in 2015. With the many new features available to developers within those systems, we should say many creative apps pop up. Here is what I hope to see in 2015.

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Make Windows 7 and 8 Look and Feel Like Windows XP

Last night I was feeling particularly nostalgic and I decided to try and make my Windows 8.1 computer look like Windows XP. It turns out this is a fairly simple, though somewhat lengthy process that uses free software. This process will also work on Windows 7.


If you want to do the same on your computer, follow these steps carefully:

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